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Track Name: I Found a Way
There's a way of the sea I would like to ride and I think finally I found a way...

Floating high above my head,
what lays on the ground it will never rise up again.

Time time time is way to short...
funny how things can change.

I don't like it here I wanna go...
pretty soon we'll be gone...
we'll be gone.

Everything I love doesn't have a name it can never fall apart.

If the sun never goes down, I will never go to sleep again.

...and I don't care at all to see the places I've known,
'couse pretty soon we'll be gone...
Track Name: Talk To Me
I can show you were Duchamp lives,
somewhere on Jupiter.
I don't know why I'm shivering...
Talk to me...

Your voice can bring back my memory.
Landscapes of madness,
I wonder if you'll ever know.
How it feel to live without a second chance...
if this one doesn't work...
Talk to me...

Talk to me...
Track Name: Despite Everything
I think we are about to be
dropped in the middle of the ocean
I hope you know how to swim and to keep your breath DEEP

I hope you know how to run
'cause we are about to be dropped in a middle of a war

All the empires they built
before us
they are gone

I'm just trying to keep
a good thought in my head before turns into dust
Why I should even care
if what I do doesn't last

Dogs are barking at the gate
I know that I'm safe but I can't help to feel
There's something I need to see
before it gets too dark...