Pressed Flowers

by Porcelain Raft




Back in 2006 I was living in London and had a portable recorder where I noted music ideas, mostly 30sec long.
I’m sure it was 2006 because that year a whale was discovered swimming in the river Thames, in the center of London. That is something hard to forget.
To my surprise few weeks ago, in my place in Los Angeles, I saw the little recorded resting peacefully in one of my boxes. I put new batteries on and pressed play. 
It felt like opening a giant book filled with pressed flowers, with the colors still intact. In ten days I wrote lyrics and turned the notes into songs. 

Londoners gathered to see the rescue’s attempts. According to the press the reasons for the whale presence in the Thames were unclear.


released June 30, 2016

mastered by Manolo Remiddi
Glockenspiel on 'Sailing Away', Onyee Lo
Bass on 'Thousand Rivers', Ed Howat



all rights reserved


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Porcelain Raft Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Sailing Away
Early morning every one's in position
On the front deck they are calling our names
Once in a while I loose connection
That's when I know I need to leave the shore.

Sailing away how long doesn't matter
Sailing away far from home
Sailing away now or never
Sailing away to never return

If you have anything to tell me, say it now soon I'll be gone
I'll write a letter every morning
Every morning a brand new song.
Track Name: Battersea
I was wondering how far I've gone
As the captain says 'I think we are lost'
All the whales may have crawled up, out of the sea right into my dreams
Than one day I reached the shore
With no money and a bleeding nose, Kingsland Rd. was full of hope
As the Sun was shining above

Than I heard a strange sound
Coming from my head I have no doubt
What happens above doesn't happen below
I can see the tail...oh there she blows!